Richard Cochran
Court of Peace

51.326944, 9.499250
Sound installation/Sound tour
(Sounddatei weiter unten /soundfile below)

After a long night out, after a stressful day, searching for a loved one lost, I’ve found myself at the Court of Peace. Sitting, staring, writing, and pondering, I have travelled the many small avenues and winding paths. Through that contemplation. I have discovered a lot about my past and present, about the place that I now call home. The Hauptfriedhof has been a place that shows the circles of life and death we experience every day. The names and dates that have a beginning and an end paralleled with the life that seems to thrive inside and outside its borders.

I’d like to allow you a glimpse into my innerthoughts, my perspective this Court has never asked for. To give the observer another story to this place that has existed in Kassel far longer than any of us and the history it can tell us about our present and perhaps our future.

Um die Soundtour eigenständig zu begehen kannst du hier die Audiodatei abspielen oder herunterladen (empfohlen). Zum herunterladen einfach rechtsklick-> Audio speichern unter...
Anschliessend begib ich zum Hauptfriedhof und spiele die Datei ab.

In order to do the sound tour on your own you can play the soundfile right here or download it(recommended). To do the latter simply right click -> save as...
Then simply go to the Hauptfriedhof and play the file.